3 September 2011

Jellybean Wotupski!?! reissue update #2

Gold Legion have contacted me again with an update on the mis-pressed re-issue of Jellybean’s Wotupski!?!, featuring Madonna’s Sidewalk Talk:

“Just wanted you to know we have the new pressing of the Jellybean Wotupski!?! CD with the correct bonus tracks today. Everyone who already has a copy will be sent a CD alone to replace the incorrect pressing. Anyone who is still missing the item will be mailed out now. As you already know, we stopped the shipments once we learned about the issue with the bonus tracks.”

If you haven’t yet ordered your copy of Wotupski!?! you can still do so at http://www.goldlegion.com/

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Mo'Hawkins said...

i miss this blog. come back to us, soon. a new madonna era of music is upon us. XOXO always,
a fan and loyal reader.