23 May 2011

bad girl guitar demo – Paul Pesco speaks

Paul Pesco - grinding his axe!
In 2008 an unreleased demo of Bad Girl, known as the ‘Guitar Demo’, leaked online. Due to a number of fake Madonna demos doing the rounds online and a lack of information about the origins of this demo; many believe this to be the creation of a talented fan.

In 2006 I visited the Library of Congress in Washington, DC and listened to a number of Erotica demos on the infamous ‘Rain Tapes’ and although I listened to some Bad Girl demos, the guitar demo wasn’t among them.

When I spoke to legendary stage and session guitarist, Paul Pesco, I asked him about playing guitar on the Erotica sessions:

“I actually played on a couple of other tracks that I don’t think ended up on the album. I think it was Bad Girl I played on, where I did a couple of tracks. Bad Girl had a lot more guitar. That was really cool – I thought it was awesome! I played tracks on Deeper and Deeper, Bad Girl and it may have been Thief of Hearts, I’m not sure. She ended up using Why’s It So Hard and Deeper and Deeper.

It (the sessions with Madonna and Shep Pettibone) was always great. There were a couple of engineers also. I worked with Goh (Hotoda) a lot. I was there throughout the recording of the album. By that time, I’d done dozens of sessions for Shep’s records and he’d used me a lot for stuff over the years, and I’d been friends with him. He has a very distinct production style and he knows exactly what he wants and the groove would be in there. It’s funny, for not being a musician; he’s one of those people who's very musical.

For that album I used my blue ESP Strat (Fender Stratocaster guitar) that’s been one of my main studio axes on a bunch of records. I also used my ESP graffiti Strat that has EMG pick-ups on it that I used on that album as well and actually I used that guitar for the C&C Music Factory stuff as well, the Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) guitar part – that was my ESP graffiti guitar.”

Click here to listen to the Bad Girl guitar demo.


Pud Whacker said...

fantastic!!! i always loved him on the virgin tour and that he was brought back for the girlie show. never knew about this. listening to the guitar demo and loving it. thanks peter for more brilliance. xo

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Paul is awesome and his playing has really added some magic to many Madonna songs live and on record. Plus, he's as cool a guy as he is talented!

Rabbitbunny said...

Once again, it is Madonna who tells the story of a soon-to-be Evita. Bad Girl is this beautiful ballad's name. She is so neurotic that she can't help herself. And Maddy delivers this brilliant cheating song with a voice that can't begin to describe sadness. Madge Opens Her Heart for the world to hear. We Must Love Her because It's Madonna's Party and She'll Cry If She Wants To! By the way, Paul Pesco is quite a find
-along with Bruce Gaitsch, Billy Orbit, Marc Moreau and Monte Pittman, he has helped teach Madonna to play guitar-because of their help, expertise and inspiration, the lady is a natural with her Gibson Les Paul. Madonna is a dedicated and gifted Rocker who knows what she wants and how to get it! Bad Girl has a happy ending-the Ciccone Rocker-who would have guessed and thought it? MADONNA ROCKS!