26 August 2011

the dark side of la mujer – Mac Quayle speaks

Ten years ago today, HBO broadcast Madonna’s Drowned World Tour, live from The Palace of Auburn Hills, in Madonna’s home state of Michigan.

Produced by Marty Callner and directed by Hamish Hamilton, the live broadcast differed from the official DVD, which is a more polished re-edit of the original live HBO broadcast.

In 2007 I spoke with Mac Quayle, whose Dark Side Mix of What It Feels Like For A Girl that he remixed with Victor Calderone, inspired Madonna’s live performance of the Spanish version of the song, Lo Que Siente La Mujer, on the Drowned World Tour – one of the many highlights from the HBO broadcast:

thebeatswithin: The Dark Side Mix of What it Feels Like For a Girl you did with Victor Calderone was a real departure from the typical house style of of remixes that you did with Victor for Madonna. What was the inspiration behind you and Victor producing a more downtempo remix for Madonna?

“It came from Madonna’s camp. That song was at a tempo that made it difficult to turn it into a house record. It’s hard to get the vocals to sound good in the speed that you need it to be on a house record. We said, “This is difficult to turn it into a house record, maybe we could do a different type of mix”. They came back and said, “That’s great; why not do something really experimental and different?” So, we went into the studio and we came up with a remix, which we really liked. We sent it to her, but Madonna came back and said, “It’s not weird enough”.

So, we went back in the studio and started over and did the remix that came out. So, there’s actually another mix that was never released, which was totally completed and I thought it was a really good mix. It’s slightly downtempo and I don’t know how to describe it, except that it’s not so weird. That mix that we did is definitely kind of experimental and this one was a little straighter and didn’t take so many chances.”

thebeatswithin: The remix inspired the arrangement of Madonna’s performance of the Spanish version of the song, Lo Que Siente La Mujer, on the Drowned World Tour. Did you see her perform that song on that tour?

“I did and I thought it was cool. I’d heard that she was going to do that and then she did, and I thought it worked well. What was interesting was that they ended the live version with the ending that we had done for the other remix that wasn’t released. We had brought this acoustic guitar, kind of coming up under the beat in the very last part of the remix, and when the beat faded out; it was just the guitar and her vocal. That’s how the remix ended and at the show that I saw, that’s what they did live and I thought that was cool. That’s the type of thing that would be great for them to release like they did with U2 on that iPod release, with their entire catalogue on it; including unreleased stuff.” [thebeatswithin: I couldn’t agree more Mac!]
Click here to visit the brilliant Madonna-TV.com and watch Madonna’s stunning live performance of Lo Que Siente La Mujer, taken from the original live HBO broadcast.

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Rabbitbunny said...

La M's Evita concerto movements
-La Isla Bonita, Who's That Girl?, Spanish Eyes, Another Suitcase in Another Hall, Don't Cry for Me Argentina, You Must Love Me,
What It Feels Like for a Girl,
Evita's Lament and Spanish Lesson
-Senorita Ciccone's merengue canciones-are a brilliant case study in trembling emotion. Even in Spanish-Dona Madonna es triste, maravilla-and brilliant!