14 May 2011

live to tell – Patrick Leonard solo piano version

Patrick Leonard's actual hands - yes really!
Click here to watch a true musical genius at work – producer Patrick Leonard’s stunning solo piano performance of Live to Tell, live at the Seth Riggs Summer Vocal Program in July 2008.

It will burn inside of you!


Abilicious said...

Pat is indeed a muscial genius. I am desperately hoping for another collaboration in the near future!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it will happen again one day! Pat worked on the soundtrack to Madonna's documentary, I Am Because We Are, in 2008, so there's still a connection between the two. Anything's possible!

Rabbitbunny said...

Simply breathtaking and heartbreakingly breeautiful! Patrick's Version of Live to Tell really breaks my heart. Sadly beautiful and Beautifully sad! Now I know why Madge and Pat wanted to work together because Leonard brings out the best in Ciccone. If you want to hear sadness and heartbreak in Madonna
-her character, voice and personality-Patrick is her best choice-he brings out qualities in her that are absolutely harrowing and haunting-that's why Madonna is a superstar. Detroiters are like that-Thanks Madge! I will always love Live to Tell, my favorite Madonna tune-a brilliant work of art!