8 August 2011

desperately seeking Catharine Buchanan

Following my recent post about Jellybean’s Wotupski!?! reissue, I’ve decided to attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery of the whereabouts of Catharine “Catt” Buchanan, who sang lead with Madonna on Sidewalk Talk.

David Nick Ybarra, writer of the essay contained within the booklet of the Wotupski!?! reissue, mentioned the spelling of Catt’s name on her 1988 Arista/BMG release, Love Is. This led me to track down David Motion, who worked with Catt somewhere between 1989 and 1991, when they were both being published by Warner Chappell, and he confirmed that her name is indeed spelled “Catharine” and “Catherine” as on the Wotupski!?! credits.

David ran into Catharine some years after working with her and she was then working as a florist in Claridges and living in Camberwell, South East London (home to the beats within HQ). Having since lost touch, David has been trying to track Catharine down for the past five years in relation to the songs they recorded together – and yes, he’s asked Claridges, Warner Chappell, etc, etc.

the beats within needs your help. If you have any information about Catharine Buchanan’s whereabouts, please email me at peter@thebeatswithin.com. Thank you!

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